September 26, 2016

In advance of the album release date on the 3rd October, Cairo ran a successful Listening Party on 23rd September at The Royal George in London WC2 for family, friends of the band and industry contacts. Taking over the basement room from 7pm through until midnight, there was a great turnout for the first public airing of the album in it’s entirety.

The album was played on rotation throughout the evening via a large screen iMac where partygoers could also enjoy watching a specially prepared video, synced in with the music.

Rob also gave a speech during the evening thanking the band and the project group, including John Mitchell, Paul Tippett from VitP, Rob Skarin from Crystal Spotlight and Andy Wildman, for their hard work, and said how delighted the band was at the superb reaction so far to the album. He also specially thanked Jane and Katie Mantle for attending, and spoke briefly about Chris Mantle who passed away last year and who was the inspiration for Dancing The Gossamer Thread, which was the next song lined up to be played after the speech.

He also pointed out how some attendees had travelled great distances to be there e.g. Manchester, Devon, Yorkshire, and thanked all in attendance for their fantastic support.

Next stop – the album launch gigs in November.

See Listening Party photos below, courtesy of Trevor Cotterell.

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