November 25, 2016

Cairo have today released a video montage of their first successful UK mini-tour which covered London, Rotherham and Leicester.

In a statement, Rob Cottingham said: “For our first tour, I was delighted with the crowd reception, and how warmly we were all welcomed into the prog scene.
We all had a blast and frankly would have loved to have carried on gigging for another week or two or three or…

I want to give special thanks to Russ Palmer, Cairo’s Stage Manager and Drums and Guitar tech, for taking the footage – a lot of which was unknown to the band.
Also to Pip Easton who was keys tech and ScarabVan driver. These guys were and are our heroes.

Also, massive thanks to vocalist Lisa Driscoll for stepping in at short notice and doing a stunning job on vocals.


Image by kind permission of John C Hogan

Anne-Marie and Jonathan from Luna Rossa were a delight to have as our special guests, and we cannot thank them enough for their wonderful support – including behind the scenes at a practical level. That is how bands should always be – supporting each other, and having a great time together in the process.

Finally, the whole band want to thank each and every one of you who turned out to see us – and it was great to see people coming back for ‘seconds’.

It really was a fantastic start to our gigging career, and we can’t wait to get out there again – we are champing at the bit.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys Russ’s superb ‘fly on the wall’ footage.”