New reviews in from the US and Canada!

October 30, 2017

Some great reviews of our debut album ‘Say’ have come in from across the pond in the US and Canada! ‘Say’ is available via our online store, here.

“Hang fire on those end of year best of lists, for what Cairo have created here is sure to have a Say in what makes the cut”Sea of Tranquility

“Great melodies are contrasted against lush instrumentation and inventive musical change-ups. On one level it sounds clean, simple and mainstream and yet the more you listen the more you begin to hear the details, and it’s the details that give the music of Cairo a high grade from me. Recommended listening”

“Can world and prog mash up righteously? Apparently so if this set is evidence. Wild and wooly almost with a multi media feel, this is a must for the malcontent that doesn’t feel like being a brick thrower as well. A side door into the opium den, this is music (and spoken) made for driving into a pleasant haze”