December 11, 2017

Afterglow have given ‘SAY’ a fantastic review ! Check out the English translation below.

Original can be found HERE

“The English band Cairo, not to be confused with the no longer existing 90s namesake, under the inspiring leadership of Rob Cottingham (Touchstone) are on their debut album. ‘$ @ Y’ moves in the regions of Anathema, with hints of Rush, Genesis and Ayreon but mainly shows its own face. What does that consist of? It is difficult to say, it is the sound, the electronics, the vocals of Cottingham and singer Lisa Driscoll, the compositions, the technical skill of the quintet, the dynamics. In any case it sounds fresh, it tingles, it visualises, it sets to listen again and again and again. 

Thirteen farm-fresh with strong compositions, melodies fierce, then fragile, with the outliers ‘Shadow’s Return’ and ‘Nothing to Prove’, also in the reprise. The more commercial  ‘Katrina’ is a caesura, because after that one takes back some gasp in the brilliant tracks ‘Random Acts of Kindness Part 1’ and the emotive ‘Back From The Wilderness’. It’s not for nothing that none other than Steve Hackett recommends this band and album. Rightly so. ‘$ @ Y’ ends without a doubt high in the end of year list.”