October 5, 2016

For our Dutch friends – please find attached an interview in Dutch between Ruard Veltmaat of Progwereld, and CAIRO band founder, Rob Cottingham.

In his conclusion, Ruard describes the album as ‘a masterpiece’. Many thanks to Ruard for the interview and to all at Progwereld for your interest and support.

“Say” is a really intriguing album when if you open yourself to it, you can lose yourself in it. The album is surprising and progressive, without the customary clichés of prog rock, and is home to beautiful melodies and outstanding (duo) vocals from Rob Cottingham and Rachel Hill. You may alternately listen to most songs, but also in one flow, in maybe a quiet area. The Touchstone lovers need not worry that Rob Cottingham steers the music in a completely different direction, it remains despite the differences in the same vein. Perhaps it is a bit too early to say that it is a masterpiece, but for me personally “Say” it is already . Time will tell whether this applies to more people.”