More US reviews for our debut album come in!

November 9, 2017

Two more fantastic reviews for our debut album have come in from across the pond. Many thanks to both reviewers for their kind words!

“Mission accomplished, as every track on this album is stunningly orchestrated and beautifully arranged. Unlike Touchstone, a harder-edged prog band, Cottingham has now created a new group that pushes that prog sound into a new era”CD Reviews,

“CAIRO ( is pretty cool. It starts with an authentic Old World trip back to the Middle East but then journeys a thousand other places on the stunning record’s thirteen tracks. Think Alan Parsons meets the type of music we wished YES was making at the moment with more world influences than an outdoor marketplace. Some spoken words, some Pink Floyd, and 80’s pop sensibilities make this more than your run of the mill prog rock production. This is something else! A musical mystery on par with the Pyramids or The Sphinx – etched in rock with a heart for the Cosmos…”Sights and Sounds of Note